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4 Ways We Help Your Kid
Communicate Clearly

Speech therapy for kids in Los Angeles, CA
Delayed Early-Language Development

This applies mostly to children under 3-years-old (and as early as 12 months!). Every child develops at their own rate, but not meeting language milestones in due time can indicate speech therapy may help. Building language, growing reasoning through play and developing the motor skills necessary to speak are what we focus on while engaging the child in fun activities.

Speech therapy for kids in Los Angeles, CA
Language Disorders

This encompases the way kids organize language in their brains and how they use and read words. This category includes difficulty with language processing, auditory processing, identifying speech sounds and relating to letters or words (e.g., dyslexia). It’s common for ADHD to be a contributing factor as well. We work with these children using a unique technique that guides them to discover helpful skills to learn independently and overcome academic challenges.

Speech therapy for kids in Los Angeles, CA

This is a broad umbrella, and children with autism have a wide range of unique needs. Often they experience difficulties with social interaction, engagement, and communication. Relationship-based therapy (e.g., FloorTime) and intensive attention to sensory processing strengthen fundamental communication and create abilities for them to bond and be present.

Speech therapy for kids in Los Angeles, CA
Articulation Disorders

For preschool and school-age children, this involves difficulties making specific sounds, substituting sounds, lisps, slurring and indistinct speech. These issues are either functional (phonological) or motor-based, which includes apraxia and require a systematically targeted approach to get kids understood.

3 Steps to Empower You and Your Child

1. Schedule a Call

Share your struggles. What’s going on with your child? What have you tried so far? If we seem like a good fit, we’ll schedule an online or in-person evaluation to determine the best course of action. As a team, we’ll create a plan.

2. Put the Plan Into Action

We’ve agreed on treatment goals and set a therapy schedule, so now it’s time to work the plan. During the sessions, we’ll teach tools and strategies they need to work on through a variety of games and engaging activities. Don’t worry, they’ll think it’s fun.

3. Celebrate Success

Throughout this journey, we’ll evaluate gains and regularly discuss progress. We can acknowledge your child for what they’ve achieved, and you’ll feel rewarded seeing your child more confident and transformed.

"We love Angie. She adapts to our child’s needs as they change and evolve, making sure her confidence remains strong every step of the way and that the sessions feel fun and fresh. Angie truly cares and approaches each obstacle that comes up with a myriad of ideas, thoughts, and wisdom with the overall goal of making sure our child thrives academically and socially."
- Gina

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How Is Formation Speech Therapy Different?

Every classroom has at least two children who are not successful in communicating and expressing their thoughts and ideas. We create and implement an individualized speech therapy treatment plan so the child can be understood, learn easily, and have success in their lives.

Hi, I’m Angie! A fellow mom of two kids, 5 and 9.

In Los Angeles, we’ve collaborated with amazing families and various skilled occupational therapists, physical therapists, pediatricians, developmental pediatricians, behaviorists, preschools, private and public schools.

We find your child gets the best result when everyone works closely together as a team.

Speech therapy helps children who:

  • Struggle to make the sounds of language
  • Misunderstand what he or she hears or sees
  • Cannot find the right words to communicate his or her thoughts
  • Are unable to organize their words in a meaningful way to convey a message
  • Cannot hold a conversation with family members, friends or teachers

We’ve worked with a variety of kids over the past 15 years. Right now, 90% of my speech therapy kids are from preschool to 3rd grade.

We are committed to helping your child communicate clearly so you can stop feeling worried about them falling behind. The process is simple – schedule a call, implement the weekly plan, and celebrate their progress. Once you schedule a call, you’ll have taken the first step to have more success.

We believe every kid deserves to communicate with ease and you deserve to understand your child. We help you make homework time easier so that you can feel the joy of seeing your child have more friends and have more fun in life.

Schedule a call so we can get started.

We've helped hundreds of kids at their homes, schools, and medical communities learn how to communicate clearly.